Friday, July 8, 2011

Super Scientist ~ Repost Freebie!

I have been getting lots of compliments and comments about my Super Scientist post.  I decided to repost all my forms in a packet for teachers to use.  Take a look at my original post to see how Super Scientist is introduced during the year.  It is absolutely one of my favorite things in first grade!  My teacher buddy who started this with her class is a looping teacher so she actually started Super Scientist with her Kindergartners.  It is a good idea to make up a schedule that lists the students name and week they are to be the Super Scientist.  It also informs the parents of the upcoming activity.  I did not print out a schedule at first and I had a lot of "When is it my turn?" and "Can I go next?"  With having a schedule, I can have the students check the schedule to see how many students are before them... I don't even have to look at the schedule after I pass it out - when the Super Scientist is finished, everyone (including the NEW Super Scientist) lets me know that it is THEIR turn!

Click HERE to download a copy! 


  1. Didn't you guys Skype w/the other 1st grade classes?

  2. This is SUPER cute!!!

    Just a quick question though (and it's okay if you say no!) ... in your whole pack, you call it the Super Scientist journal and Super Scientist of the Week, but then in the parent letter you call it the Famous First Grade Scientists Journal. Is there any way you could change the parent letter to reflect the Super Scientist name? I'd LOVE to use these resources but I have first and second graders!

    But I totally understand if this is too much to ask - can't hurt to try though. :)

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  3. Randee - YES, and I talked about that in my original post. It was great to share with the other two classes. Each class filled out a journal page that I added to the Super Scientist's book. It also allowed for great discussion since the other class was able to ask questions after viewing our experiment.

  4. Such a wonderful resource. I absolutely LOVE the idea. I read aloud our state science assessment to a 4th grader this year. I am a Title I teacher and don't teach science to a regular classroom. I walked away from the test thinking - our students need more exposure to "science labs". This is a perfect solution!



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