Thursday, June 30, 2011

CUTEST Smartboard Calendars and Linky Party

As I searched for Smartboard Calendars today, I ran across this website that has the CUTEST calendars for each month of the year... FREE! I just have to share with you the site:

The website is called The Wright Room and offers Smartboard files for various subjects.  Some you purchase but ALL of their calendar files are for free.  I downloaded August and LOVED it.  You have to check it out!

That brings me to the linky party Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher is having.

Lutton 519

She is asking to post your favorite Smartboard websites and lessons {which most are free} and there are a ton of posts already.  So go check them out...if you don't have a Smartboard you still might find something you can use. 

BTW... thanks to all those who commented about the Saxon Meeting Calendar.  I think I will try to create something for my Smartboard so that I don't have to use up so much bulletin board space.  Smiles ~

New Math Curriculum ~ SAXON.

So yesterday I decide to go by school to pick up my new teacher guides and check out the new math series our district just purchased for K-3.  Here is what was waiting for me:

There were 7 boxes of stuff... plus crates to put things in.  I started with OPEN THIS BOX FIRST.  So I found out there are 135 lessons and crates to put all the lessons into ~ GREAT... because my file cabinets are pretty full.  The 3 boxes you see on the right are ALL worksheets.  I started putting the worksheets into the folders and filled each crate... here is what it looked like after about an hour and a half:

Each crate has a lid and you stack them on a base that has wheels.  There is a small crate that goes on top to hold learning wrapups and other small manipulatives.  After I put it all together, I rolled it down to my classroom. 

I am very nervous about the meeting board.  The dimensions are outrageous and I have very LIMITED space in my classroom.  I don't have any large bulleting boards and my smartboard is right in the middle of my front wall.  Where am I going to put this?  I wish I had the space like Ms. Van Orman of First Grade Fun:


Her board looks AMAZING!  However, I just DO NOT have the room.  Just to prove it to you I will post some pictures of my classroom last year.

Here is a picture of my classroom from the door.  I will be changing LOTS of things this next year...PLUS my room has been painted including a new accent wall. (YAY)!!  But this will give you the general idea of the room in my classroom.  The window wall has shelves built in so I could not put it on that wall due to the kids cannot reach it or be interactive. 

I know what you are thinking... what about the back wall where the moose and bookshelf are now?  Well another addition to my classroom ~ a new whiteboard takes up that wall that is 4ft by 8 ft.  Here is another view of my classroom looking back the other direction.

NO room here!  You can see at the left corner I put my word wall on my cabinet doors last year.  I REALLY didn't like this and have now decided to put my word wall on my new magnetic white board at the back of the room... to allow for a more interactive WW.  But, I may have to use the new whiteboard for my SAXON meeting area.

My question is... teachers who are using Saxon... Could the meeting board be made for the smartboard and be interactive so that it does not take up so much space?  Does that go against the whole SAXON philosophy?  I just think if we have this technology available, the students could do the whole meeting process on the smartboard.  I have searched thinking that someone might have had the same idea and made a Saxon Meeting Board into a notebook file.  No such luck {sob}.  If anyone has ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.  Thanks ~ in advance!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An OWL giveaway!

I just found the most fabulous giveaway... it involves owls {LUV}.  AND a great blog called Plug-n-Plan.  I just became a follower and plan to purchase her "It's OWL time" unit on TpT.  Check it out:

She's giving away a differentiated file folder game "Hoo's Turn Is It?" just by doing 4 things:  Follow her blog, on facebook, on TpT and blog about her giveaway.  With my classroom being OWLS and a camping theme, I just love anything owls - especially this adorable clipart.  Don't miss out... 

Giveaways GALORE ~ to 3 of my favorite stores!

I am so excited about three giveaways that are happening right now to TARGET, LAKESHORE, and AMAZON!  I want to give a shout out to each one:

Erica is giving away a $50.00 gift card from Lakeshore AND a $25.00 gift card to Target!  YES ~ that is $75.00 to 2 of my FAVORITE stores!  So go on over and check out her blog, follow her and blog about her fabulous giveaway to enter!  The winner will be chosen this THURSDAY, June 30th.  So hurry and GOOD LUCK!

The next AWESOME giveaway is:

Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies is giving away a $25.00 card to Target OR Amazon... Winner's choice!  She has an awesome blog and also has a facebook page!  Her giveaway ends on June 30th also, so go check out her blog and enter! 

AND here is the 3rd giveaway:

 Jonelle at A Place Called Kindergarten is giving away a $25.00 Amazon gift card to celebrate 300 followers! 

She has an amazing blog so you definitely have to go check it out!  You have until July 4th for her giveaway.  You can enter by becoming a follower, leaving a comment and blogging about her FANTASTIC giveaway!  So don't miss out on these TERRIFIC giveaways... aren't these stores your FAVs?  I'm super excited and keeping my fingers crossed...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cruising with Addition

I can't believe that it is almost July and I don't have 2 things marked off my to do list for school.  I recently put my house up for sale (I know, I know... the market is terrible), but I'm praying that the right person comes along so that my family can move closer to my job.  My kids would love to be closer to their friends and all their activities as well... so I've been painting, cleaning, organizing, landscaping and a million other projects I'm not going to mention.  In the midst of all of that, I managed to make a trip to Florida to see my sister and her new baby girl (so precious!) and hang out there for a week.  So, after I returned I whipped up this flashcard fact game that includes strategy header cards similar to the ones Debbie mentions in her book on page 110.  I am loving all the ideas everyone has mentioned and the fabulous freebies!  So I thought I would join in!  I have read chapter 6 and have a few ideas, but first I have to spend some time reading and catching up on all the blogs that continually inspire me.  That is all for now but will post again soon!

Click HERE to grab the file!
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