Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buzz to the Bathroom - Passes

I have been working on my Action Research project for my master's class and I am SO SICK of research, I needed a brain break.  I have SO many things I want to share with you but I have to complete this paper first {Lord help me}!  BUT ~ I did create something last night that I am going to use in my classroom for my restroom passes. I've always used the bookmark type that say "girl's" and "boy's" and have my students lay them on their desk before they leave so that if I'm working with a small group, I can see they are in the restroom if I need them.  A while back I saw another teacher post about her restroom passes (please let me know if YOU are the one... I couldn't find the original post from way back) and she used the clear frames that stand up on their own.  You just slide a picture (or paper) in them and they are ready to go!  I LOVED the idea and so I created some passes that go along with my nature/camping/owls theme.  Take a look:

What I LOVE is that they are not laying flat on their desks and can be seen easily from anywhere in the classroom.  I bought the 5X7 frames at Wal-Mart for $1 each.  (I couldn't find them at my Dollar Tree).  I am going to print out another set on cardstock and change out since the paper wrinkled a bit trying to insert them in the frames.  I am going to post this set below if you would like a copy.  I'm also going to add a couple more designs that are more generic boy and girl pictures later, after I work a little more on my {pardon me} paper.  I wish I was finished so that I could create, focus on back to school things and de-stress a little.  Keep your fingers crossed I will get LOTS done today. 

Click HERE to download!
Hope everyone is having more fun than me...Smiles (actually sad face)~


  1. Get busy on your paper...LOL, you see that I am not working on my paper right now either. :0)

  2. Hi Nicole! I just found your blog through First Grade Blue Skies. I am a new blogger and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE owls! :)

    I love our restroom passes! What is your management policy for the restroom? Do the kids just go pick up the frame from a designated spot and put it on their desk? I love that they don't interrupt you during small group time. Genius! I'm looking forward to your generic ones . . . I have more of a seasonal theme in my classroom change it up quite a bit.

    Anyways, I'm your newest follower! If you get a break from your paper, check me out!

    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Hi Kristin...Yes, I do have a policy. Students may not go to the restromm anytime they want. But they do have the freedom to use the restroom during our Literacy Block while I'm working with my small group. The restroom passes sit on a shelf in the front of the classroom and students may place the pass on their desk if they need to go. Only one student may use the restroom at a time, so if the pass is on a student's desk, they have to wait until that student returns and puts it back on the shelf. I hope that makes sense. It has worked for me in the past, so I thought I would share. I hope to post the other restroom passes this evening. :)

  4. These look great I did bees last year and decided on pirates this year! Thanks for posting. I'm a new follower.


  5. Mrs. Shepherd ~ I bought some pirate clipart and was going to include a pirate version but can you believe there wasn't a GIRL pirate! AAARRRGH! Sorry.


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