Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classroom Management Tool - Dollar Tree Find

So I am loving these little cones I bought at the Dollar Tree this summer.  I am using them as a classroom management tool and it has been working great so far.  I have my desks arranged in pods so that it creates four tables in my classroom.  Each table has an orange cone like this:

The students who have a cone on their desk are my table captains.  A table captain collects papers, passes out papers, organizes manipulatives, passes out/collects manipulatives, and helps out others at their table that day.  Each day the cone is moved to the next desk and continues around the table to allow each student a turn.  We talked about expectations regarding having these cones on our desk.  If a student is playing with the cone at any time during the day, they lose their turn being the table captain and the cone is automatically moved to the next person.  I have had to do this once and no one has bothered them since.  It makes it so easy to have the table captains collect papers or items from their desk and turn them in or put them away.  This means only 4 students moving around the room and the job is completed fairly quickly. 

I do not have classroom jobs in my classroom.  I use my table captains and my "Camper of the Week" to complete all classroom tasks.  The "Camper of the Week" actually gets to have a blue cone on their desk for the week.

The same rule applies:  If a student is playing with the cone, it is taken away for the day and they can try again the next day.  This cone is like a little trophy for the "Camper of the Week" that makes them feel special and also reminds me who my assistant is for the week.  They make trips to the office, is our class librarian and line leader.  These little cones worked out perfectly and help me manage my classroom jobs easily.  Anyone else snag these from Dollar Tree?  And if so, what do YOU use them for?


  1. I love your ideas for the cones!! I had picked up a few a couple years ago when I saw them at The Dollar Tree too. I've used them as student elected awards when they have worked in groups. This was in 5th and the students really took the time to decide on the most deserving member of their group.

  2. I love these, too! I found some a few months ago, but they only had orange. I'll have to check back for the blue. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Oh man!! I need these desperately! How long ago did you buy them?? I hope they have more cause they are sooo cute!
    Kerri B

  4. Kerri and Lindsay - I found them at my dollar tree in June or July. Here is a link to them in case you don't find them at your store.


  5. I love the cone idea! I went to the Dollar Tree late last night and bought some, and they are working wonderfully. It is a much simpler way to have helpers. Thanks for the idea!


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