Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Check out our Folder Holders!

Good Morning!  Just wanted to share with everyone our cool little folder holders we have been using.  This idea was courtesy of Jaime from What's the Buzz in 1st?  She shared this idea this summer and when I saw them I couldn't WAIT to make me some.  Well, I did and we have been using them (and loving them) so far.  This is what ours look like:

My kiddos keep their folder holders in their book boxes and at the start of each week, we add our words to them on index cards.  Here is what they look like as you open them.

Jaime suggested using velcro dots to help them stay closed - so I added those too.  Here is a picture:

And peeking out of one of the pockets is a student's word cards.  So far we have had 10 words.  Here is a picture of one of my kiddos words from their nifty word holder.

I have to tell you WHY I love these so much.  Not only do the kids get practice writing their words, AND a place to store them.  But we can use these cards for so much more than sight word practice.  In small groups we can:
find a word with (5) letters.
find a word that starts with..., ends with.
find a word that rhymes with.....
find a word that has the /i/, /o/, etc. sound.
find a word that is a noun, verb, adjective.
sort your words into short, long vowel sounds.

OH my goodness... the list could go on forever!  I just LOVE it.  Notice how this kiddo has an 8 on her cards?  Well, each of my students has a number.  After they write the word, they write their number, so if any of our cards get dropped on the floor... We know who the card belongs to!

I'm also thinking since the word holder has 2 pockets, later down the road I may have one pocket be words that I know well, and words I need to practice.  Hmmm.... don't know yet, but I just wanted to share how we are LOVIN' them.  Thanks so much to Jaime at What's the Buzz in 1st? for this AWESOME idea.  If you haven't made these already, then go find out and whip some out soon.  They are SUPER easy to make!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. LOVE it! Thanks for taking pictures and sharing! I'm going to have to get on that on my next track out!

    Frolicking Through First

  2. What a sweetie! Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm your newest follower! Jaime from http//

  3. Thanks NIcole. You and Jaime did a great job with these. I think I'll make some, too.

    Grade ONEderful

  4. OMG! TOTALLY cute! I am definitely going to have to steal this idea!!! So creative!

  5. I love this idea! I can hardly wait to make these over the weekend. I really appreciate you sharing this.


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