Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parent Orientation

Monday night we had parent orientation and I got to meet my new little first graders.  They were all so eager to see the classroom and meet "the teacher".  I decided to give them a little welcome treat on their desk.  This is what it looked like:

I found these cute little printable popcorn boxes and made them for all my kiddos.  Inside I put a chocolate hug, a sticker, a starburst, an eraser, a pencil and a bookmark.  On the outside I attached a poem about what each item symbolized.  Here is a close up of the poem.

Even though the popcorn boxes were EXTREMELY cute, the ink it took to print them out probably wasn't worth the cost (lesson learned).  Orientation went well and I had my first graders find three things in our classroom and then they could write their name on our chart.  Look at these adorable handwritten names...

I only had 2 parents that were not in attendance.  I am so excited about all of the parent support and involvement I hope to have this year. After leaving parent orientation for my first graders, I went to my daughter's 3rd grade orientation.  And then last night, I went to my son's middle school (6th grade) orientation.  What a BIG event! We received his schedule, locker assignment and met all of his teachers as we toured the building.  I think I was more nervous than he was!  I can't wait for the first day of school!  
As I left my room that night, I decided to take a snapshot of my classroom from 2 different angles.  Here is what my room looks like as you enter the door.

As you can see LOTS of school supplies were dropped off on my back table that I still need to sort and put away. 
And here is the view from my class library looking back at the door:

Have a great night!


  1. Your room looks great! I wish I would've made up your super cute gift boxes for our Kinder orientation, but I do love your poem idea, maybe I could do something similar for our first day Monday.
    Dual Kinder Teacher

  2. Wow I love those! Do you still have the link to the popcorn boxes? I will be doing a camping theme and these are great!


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