Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Behavior Chart Communication Form - Freebie

I've had a few questions about how I communicate with my parents about what color my students end on.  I like to use these to stamp the color on their chart:

All of these colors correlate with my chart except purple... I needed pink!  So I found these:

Not only does it have pink, but they are "shimmery".  There is a silver stamp included - which will be perfect to use for my tree topper (top of the chart).  I haven't had anyone make it there yet, but they are working for it!

I originally used a calendar, but parents had questions about what the colors meant and/or if a student ended the day on yellow or orange they wanted to know the offense.  It is hard at the end of the day to write down on multiple calendars what rule was not followed.  So I made up this form that allows me to stamp the color for behavior and quickly write a number that correlates with a behavior offense.  Take a look:

Click on the picture to download the file.  If you are using the same colors on your chart - this may work for you.  If you would like the editable version, please let me know and I will either upload it or send it to you via email. At the end of 2 weeks, I take out this form and put a new log into my students' binders.  I will keep the forms in a file so that if there are ever any questions or concerns about a child's behavior, I can easily go back and see what type of behaviors occurred and how often. I thought I would share the form just in case someone out there could use it.

I missed my kiddos today.  I spent the day out of the classroom in a Science Data Team Meeting.  Looking forward to seeing my firsties tomorrow.
Have a great night!


  1. I would LOVE an editable copy! Love this idea! fsuamber@yahoo.com

  2. I would love an editable copy. I am using this this year and I like your form better than the one I made for our team. I just need to change the colors. Thank you!!!

    Thanks again, Jamie Kaiser

  3. I would love an editable copy. I love your site and all the information thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  4. This is great--so manageable! I would love an editable copy. Thanks for sharing : )

  5. Oh my gosh! I would love an editable copy too! Thanks so much for sharing...I'm always looking for better ways to document behaviors!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  6. Very cute, thanks for sharing. I have a chart that someone else made, but it goes in rainbow order. I just can't wrap my head around red being the best after having using the stoplight method! Do you have a copy of your chart that I can blow up? Thanks!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

  7. I use a clip chart too and I love your explanation to send home each day! Can you please send me the editable version? Also, can you please tell me where you got your new daubers? Thanks =)

    skcactusflower75 at hotmail dot com

  8. Great blog...thanks for sharing your ideas!! I love your explanation to parents and would love an editable version please. Thank you! :)


  9. I have not tried to upload a word doc to google docs before. If it doesn't work I will email everyone a copy.

  10. I actually bought mine through Lakeshore Learning when I purchased something else. However, they have them at Amazon.com for about $3 cheaper. Here is the link:

    Hope that helps.

  11. I would love a editable copy thanks cbrennan728@yahoo.com

  12. I would love the editable.. this is perfect for what I am doing next year.



  13. I know it has been a year since your original post but I love your bi-weekly behavior note. Could I please get a copy that I can edit? Thank you!

  14. I love your behavior communication sheet! I'm trying to wrap my brain around how it works. I imagine my students working on some independent work the last ten minutes of school as I walk around and stamp their planners. It seems like it would take a while to do because I would have to look up at my chart as I get to each child to determine the color of their stamp. Do you have any tips for how to do it? I LOVE the bingo marker idea. Fabulous!

  15. I love your communication sheet for the behavior clip chart! I was wondering if you could send me an editable copy of this (bheethuis@yahoo.com)? I just found your site and love all of the ideas! Thanks so much!

  16. I LOVE this behavior plan! Can you please send me an editable copy of the communication form? Thank you so much!!!


  17. I love it! Can you please send me an editable copy of the communication form.

    Thank you!


  18. Can you please send me an editable copy of this communication form? Thank you!


  19. I would like an editable copy. I love your site and look forward to exploring further.

    Thanks! cstittsworth@msn.com

  20. I would like an editable copy. Thank you for posting this!



  21. Hi, thanks for the communication form. I just happened to come across it on Pinterest. I will definitely be using this in the classroom next year. Can you tell me what font you used on the original form? I would like to use the same font for other communication forms that I use in the classroom.
    Thanks... GennieKay@hotmail.com

  22. This is a great communication form. I would love to use it for my kinders, but need to change the colors. Can I get an editable copy please? Thank you so much! seckles@eesd.net

  23. Would love an editable copy if possible:) Cute idea! sweetteach86@gmail.com


    Nicole Leonard

  24. Hi! Just came across your post after trying to find the perfect behavior chart and yours is amazing. I really want to use it but the colors do not correlate to what I am using now. Could you please email me an editable version of this document? My email address is jensp06@yahoo.com
    Hope to hear from you soon.


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