Sunday, August 7, 2011

Forest Freebies!

I have spent the day working on my research paper for my master's class and I think (fingers crossed) it is finished!  I turn it in tomorrow and hopefully will be able to focus more on my classroom and getting plans and copies together.  Before I head off to bed, I thought I would share a few files I created for my classroom. 

 I made some labels for my book boxes.  I originally used the plastic book boxes from really good stuff... I like them but they did not fit in my cubbies well, and when sitting on the floor they always toppled over.  I hear they have new ones that have fixed that problem, but last year I decided to go with the plastic tubs from Dollar General (the kind that have holes in them).  They are white and plain but they worked wonderful.  They fit into the tops of my cubbies and my students could put plenty of books, folders and other reading supplies in their boxes without them toppling over.  SO, this year I did not want them to look so plain. I bought some brown ribbon with blue polka dots and weaved it through the top of the basket to give it a little something.  Then I created labels for my baskets that I laminated, hole punched and attached with small binder rings.  I numbered my labels so hopefully I will be able to use them again next year.  Here is a picture of my first basket.

I think they turned out pretty cute.  Here are some pictures of how they look in the cubbies.

I will have student names in the back of the cubbies (I just haven't done that yet). I have found that my kiddos can learn their student number pretty quickly.  I'm hoping this will keep me from labeling my book boxes again next year. If you would like the file, click on the image below.  AND I thought if you don't happen to have a "forest" or camping themed classroom, these little number cards would be perfect to use with number recognition, what comes before and after, and tons of other possibilities. 

In addition to this file, I'd also like to share my color owls.  I was going to put up crayons with the color words, but thought to myself... why not use OWLS?  Here are how they turned out.

Aren't they just the cutest?  So HOO-Ray for colors!  Here is the file:

I hope you like the freebies.  I can't believe I have gained over 300 followers in such a short time.  I appreciate all the wonderful comments and feedback and look forward to sharing with such a wonderful community of teachers and caregivers.  Have a wonderful evening and look forward to sharing more soon!


  1. Love them!! Thanks so much! They are too cute!
    Kerri B

  2. Wow you are so generous with your work! Thank you! Everything in your room is so creative and beautiful.
    Rambling About Reading

  3. I really love the owls color display, I'm doing a theme in my classroom this year for the first time (owls) so I was excited to find your blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love the labels.Diedra

  5. I don't have a theme in my classroom, but you definitely inspire me to start collecting for one next year. I'm thinking bees b/c my last name starts with a B! Thank you for your adorable ideas!

  6. Oh my goodness... I have those boxes and always thought they looked plain. It's a great idea to thread ribbon through the holes. I dressed them up with a neat label, but I like Ribbon better!



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