Monday, April 25, 2011

Spin a Word Wall Word

I happened to find these super cool word wall spinners at the Dollar Tree this weekend.  I think they would be great to use in word work this week... especially since our word wall is complete and my firsties SHOULD know what a noun and a verb are.  Take a look at these:

So when I got home I decided to create an accountability sheet to record the words they choose from our Word Wall.  I used clipart similar to the objects on the spinner to keep the kiddos on track. There are two pages that I will copy front to back.  Since there are two different spinners, I created two different recording sheets.
Here is the first one:
CLICK HERE to download!

Here is the second one:

CLICK HERE to download!

Has anyone else used these word wall spinners in their classroom?


  1. Your pages look so cute but I was unable to download them. The message says I do not have permission.

  2. I love this idea. If I can't find the spinners at the Dollar Store (it's been a while now) I can create them myself and print them on card stock. I was able to download your sheets to go with them. Even though I'm a 3rd grade teacher, my students still need practice with the parts of speech and word work. I am joining your blog and would love to have you join mine. My blog is Thanks again for such a great idea :)


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