Friday, July 6, 2012

Saxon Math FREEBIE!

It's still H.O.T. in Missouri ~ 107 degrees today!  I was going through all my math stuff today and thought I would share my printable math calendar pages I created to go along with our Saxon Math Meeting.  I know many of you do not teach Saxon but if you use any of these same components, these pages might work for you.  If you teach Saxon (1st Grade) then this should be perfect!

Last year, I found that my kiddos needed something more to keep them engaged during our math meeting.  We started using white boards - but some aspects were hard for them to do on a blank white board and then I saw lots of doodling... SO - I came up with these pages to help keep them engaged, on track, and as a nice reference for many of my kiddos - especially my intervention students.  I used these two pages copied front to back for the first 40 lessons:

After the first 40 lessons - I began using one page with all the calendar components.  To save paper, I placed these pages in plastic sleeves and students used (skinny) dry erase markers to interact with their calendar page.  It definitely helped keep my kiddos on track, focused and my intervention students loved having the resources at their fingertips to answer questions and follow along.  Click on any of the pictures to download for FREE!

I'm not sure how many Saxon Math users are out there ~ but I hope you find this to be a good resource.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  My TPT 20% off sale ends tonight, Friday, July 6th at midnight.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay COOL! 


  1. Thank you for such a fabulous freebie! I just downloaded it. I use saxon 1 with my Kindergarten class and though they will not use this during math meeting, I thought it would be perfect to send home for those who are absent. Thanks again!


  2. I LOVE Saxon and miss it very much :( Our district adopted a different series two years ago {which I am not a huge fan of}. Love your calendar companion!

  3. I also teach first grade in Missouri and use Saxton Math! Thank you so very much!!

  4. You had me at the super cute owl name tags in your next post, and then I saw this great Saxon freebie! I also teach 1st and use Saxon math. I'm always on the lookout for others who share curriculum to connect with. Very happy to have found your blog!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

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  6. I miss Saxon... sniffle sniffle. I still really like the printable. It definitely still goes along with a lot of my morning meeting. New follower here.

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I found you while looking for ideas on Pinterest. Can I tell you how grateful I am and how AWESOME you are for all the freebies and links. I am a room mom (every year for all 3 kids) and I love to do make things like this for the teachers to use in the classrooms, I have found they appreciate this more than a candle, LOL. This year my daughter's 1st grade teacher (we have been lucky to get her every 1st grade year)is doing owls and I said I make signs and different things to help manage the classroom--- well honey you SAVED ME TONS of work creating. These are adorable and perfect and you also SAVED ME TONS of money, since most sites charge, which I do not mind but after awhile with 3 kids it adds up. SO BLESS YOU!!! PS consider me a new follower too ;)

  8. thank you so much to designs this. I love it so much.That is so easy to teach kid now

  9. THANK YOU!!!! Just printed these off to use with my 1st grader that I am homeschooling with Saxon 1


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