Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoo-riffic Fun!

Friday was a perfect day for a field trip.  The weather here in the midwest was sunny and 70ish.  The zoo was decorated with straw bales and pumpkins.  The kids were so well behaved and I had 15 parents who attended the trip with us.  It was just fabulous!  I thought I would share a little of our day.

I am loving our T-shirt Design.  We decided to go with our field trip theme and use a monkey on our shirt with the saying "Wild About School!"  I thought it turned out adorable.

We were so lucky to see a lot of the animals up close and get some really cool pictures.  Here are just a few of the animals we saw.



Elephant and Baby

There were also volunteers roaming the park with cool things like leopard skin and hippo tusks that the kids could touch and feel.  They loved it!

I also found a couple little monkeys in the trees that I was able to bring back on the bus with me!

Before we left, we had to take a class picture with the big, GIANT pumpkin!

It was a super fabulous day but we all felt like this little guy when we made it back to the bus.

I'm glad I could share a little of the fun we had.  We are finishing up our zoo animal reports this week in time to hang them up for Parent Teacher Conferences.  I will share those with you when they are finished.  Have a great week!


  1. 15 chaperones!?!? That's awesome. Love the tshirts too.

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  2. I love your idea about having everyone where matching t-shirts. This would be a great way to easily recognize where all your students are and ensure no one gets lost.


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