Sunday, October 2, 2011

Take a look at these cuties!

What a FULL week!  Not only was it spirit week and Johnny Appleseed Day, but we had picture day thrown in there as well.  I have to say it was pretty fun AND we did do lots of learning.  Here is a picture of my darling kiddos on J.A. Day.  Aren't those pot hats the cutest? 

We had a ton of fun using Mrs. Magee's Johnny Appleseed Unit.  We especially liked the Johnny Appleseed Glyphs.  Take a look at how some of them turned out. 

This Johnny Appleseed might have eaten too many sour apples. :)

In addition to dissecting apples and counting seeds, tasting red, yellow and green apples, we also learned about the parts of an apple.  Ever have that spur of the moment idea where you decide - (instead of just drawing and coloring the apple parts) let's break out the watercolor paints??  Well we did and it turned out fantastic!  Here are some pictures of their awesome paintings.

Most of my students painted in red, yellow or green, but don't you just love it when you have your creative ones in the mix?  Here are a couple of my cuties with their rainbow apples.  I wonder what they would taste like?

I have to share a few photos of our week.  Here is my class on Pajama Day:

I enjoyed being able to wear my slippers all day!
Friday was our homecoming parade.  Our school colors are black and orange so this little guy really showed off his school spirit!   

Here we are sitting on the curb waiting for the parade, bags ready to be filled with C A N D Y!

And here comes the band...

All I can say is it was a FABULOUS week!  Hope you had as much fun.  Next week is our FIELD TRIP!  Where are we going?  To the St. Louis Zoo!  Next week is also a review week and DRA testing.  I know this was a SUPER long post, but if you took time to read this, I plan on having my kiddos explore the newspaper next week and search for short a, e, o, and u words.  This is the recording sheet I'm going to use.  Grab it if you like.  Have a great first week of October!  (Wow, can't even believe it is October already!)

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