Thursday, July 24, 2014

Updates and More Updates! Jazzin' things up a bit!

As I've been updating a lot of my products on TPT this summer, I can't help but think about Erica Bohrer's post about "Getting Started on TPT". She talks about what her first products looked like versus her more recent items.  I had to chuckle as I look back on things I made years ago compared to my more recent items.  I think I had some really good concepts but visually some of my stuff just didn't cut it.  I realize it's a process... I've learned and grown and still have so much more to learn but I do feel like my newer items are so much more appealing.  (Side note:  If you haven't read Erica's post and are thinking about using TPT ~ it is a must read FULL of valuable information!) 

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:
This poster has been updated with all new fonts, backgrounds and clip art.  
Here is what it looked like before the updates:

UMMMM.... I loved these posters and used them for each unit of Reading Street... But seriously they I had to revamp! If by chance you purchased these posters... They have ALL been updated and you can go to your purchases on TPT and re-download.  

Not only did I update THESE posters but since we are using the new Common Core Edition of Reading Street... many of the concepts changed.  SO I created a new product that I am in love with... and I can't wait to use them on my focus wall! 

This is the same concept as the first poster but slightly different terminology for Common Core.  I created these all new Common Core Versions and I have to admit I'm loving the look of them!  Here is Unit 1:

I made each unit a different color and tried to make them as visually appealing and kid-friendly so that my students can use these as a reference as we learn each grammar concept. 
I especially love the Melonheadz clipart.  I am a COMPLETE ADDICT... Serious UH-DICT-ION! Okay ya'll... one last image to share ~

I have updated tons more but just thought I'd share some of the updates I've made this summer. I just got the word that I can get into my classroom on Monday so I guess it's time for back to school mode!  I've been pinning and getting lots of ideas on ways to set up my classroom this year. YOWZA!  So excited!  


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