Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr. S Inspired -ink Word Family Freebie!

I know that Read Across America Week is over, but last week our word family was -ink.  I couldn't help but make a connection with the book "Oh the Thinks You Can Think"!  So we read the book and put together these funny little guys from the book.  I drew these on a piece of paper and then copied onto construction paper. 

Students then turned them over and wrote a silly sentence using their -ink words.  Here was my example:

Sorry for the crummy picture.  You don't actually realize how filthy your whiteboard is until you take a close-up picture.  Anyway, we tried to THINK of as many -ink words as we could.

Here was our chart of -ink words we thought of after reading the book:

After we created our chart the kids got to work making their "Think Characters".  We hung them from our clips from the ceiling so we could see our words and the sentences we created.  Here are a few examples of the kids work:

Here is another example.  I just loved the faces they put on these characters!

I scanned my drawings and placed them in google docs in case anyone would want to make these cuties with their kiddos.  The scanned images are not that great so I apologize for the quality but hope you can make it work if you like the idea. I can't believe tomorrow is already hump day!  Only 3 more days and then our Spring Break begins!  The weather here has been beautiful - sunny and 70 degrees!  Hope this beautiful weather continues into next week.  Have a great evening!

Click on either picture to download the patterns or click HERE!


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