Friday, December 16, 2011

Painted Ornaments Christmas Gifts

We made our parent gifts this week.  I say parent gifts, but actually my students make them for whomever they choose... grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, etc.  I bought these ceramic ornaments (that are VERY strong considering).  One of my students knocked two off my shelf and believe it or not they did not break!  Whew!  Anyway, they only cost me 60 cents each!  I have a supply of paint pens from years back that I break out on the day we decorate these ornaments.  I am always pleased how they turn out and each one is unique.  Here is my example that I show the kids.

So then they get to work painting and decorating their ornaments.  Here are how a few turned out.  Beeeeauuutiful!

This little guy has a sister named Myla - My ornament said Nyla for my niece. He copied my design but turned out super cute!

On the back I write our class and the year so each time they hang it on the tree, hopefully they will remember our time together.

And finally we package them in tissue paper in these cute little red bags that they decorate.  We add some ribbon and wah-lah!  They can't wait to take these home and give them to their relative.  Here are some of the bags they decorated.

Just thought I would share what we've been up to in Room 23.  Hope you are having as much fun!  Only 2 more days for us...Have a fantastic weekend!


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