Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-mas gifts for parents and teachers~ Gift tag freebies!

So here are some CUTE little buckets I found and decided to give as gifts to my K-1 team members.  I filled them with Tootsie Rolls and added a label and some ribbon.

My team teachers are a talented bunch and it is truly a JOY working with them!  So if you would like to use this for next year, here are the labels I created MINUS my name. 

When you first pull them up in google docs they look white, but once you download them they are green. 

And so while I was feeling crafty, I whipped up this label for a parent thank you gift for my two AWESOME room moms and another parent volunteer that helps me out tremendously on a daily basis!  I got the original idea from Melissa at Domesticated Lady- but her label is for teachers.  So even though mine are NOT as cute as hers, I thought it might be cute as a parent thank you gift. 

Here are the labels if you would like a copy. 

Again, these look different when you first pull them up in google docs, but should be okay after downloading them.  Let me know if they are not. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Break!  I am loving my first day off so much that I haven't managed to even get out of my PJs yet!  It is THAT kind of day ~ Enjoy!


  1. SO SO SO cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Super cute and easy! Thank you for the EASY part! Have a great holiday!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  3. So darling! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love love love the S'Mores gifts!!! I want to make them for Boy Scout Volunteers but want to change the word "parents" to "volunteers". Do you have it in a format that I can change it?


  5. Thank you for sharing this. It is perfect for our PTA volunteers.

  6. Love the s'mores idea for parent orientation!

  7. What a great idea!! I can't wait to make them!!

  8. Love this idea and your super-cute labels. I downloaded them and they looked great, but when I printed it the background is just white with black dots and there are some white rectangles around the pictures. Help! What went wrong?!?

  9. I love these! You're very clever, and still my favorite pen pal!
    Deb from PA

  10. I love this idea with the smores. I'm looking to thank some boy scout helpers and was there any way you could adjust this to say "we need s'more helpers like you" instead of parents? I know you made this a long time ago and this is a long shot but I just thought I'd ask.

  11. Do you have any forest friends themed end of the awards for first graders?


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