Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Festival - a.k.a. Halloween Party!

So this year instead of the classic Halloween Party in our classrooms, our Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers got together (along with a lot of awesome parents) and planned our Fall Festival as a carnival type event with games and prizes and even a Haunted House!  It was originally thought up by Ms. Randee Schatz of How About Them Apples?  Let's just say, the event was a huge hit!  We started by dressing up of course, so here is a class picture before we begin the Costume Parade.

All classes (Kindergarten through 5th Grade) lined up and walked the hallways so that everyone could check out all of the cool costumes.  I was able to get a few pictures of our parade.  Here we are lined up and ready to go.  Watch out for that Hockey Stick!

On our way we came across Mario and Luigi and some very scary costumes as well.

We saw a clown -

And the cutest pirate I ever did see - (my daughter).  I couldn't help but share.

And what do you know... there's the Gingerbread Man!

After the parade, all the kids went to the gym to begin playing games, eating their snacks, and having a great time!  All the kids had a ticket necklace that listed all the events available.  After they played the game and received their prize, their ticket was punched and they moved on to the next game.  I forgot to take a close up of our ticket, but you can see these boys wearing them in this picture.

Some of the events were BATsketball. 
Students had to make three baskets standing on the B, the A, and the T. 

Another game was fishing for prizes.  The kids love putting their pole behind the mat to see what prize they were going to get.

How did the prize get on the clip?  Well the kids didn't know what was behind the mat but here's a peek.

A parent sat behind the mat and clipped on a prize as the kids "fished" for prizes.  The kids loved it but the job was not an easy one!

Another kid favorite was our GROSS GRAB.  Kids were able to feel different items labeled with spooky names such as zombie brains, slimy eyeballs and monster fingers.

My favorite game HAD to be Bobbing for Donuts.  I laughed so hard as my students tried to eat a donut off a string.  They had a time limit but each kid was given their donut after the time was up.

They all looked so cute walking around with powder donut on their faces!

We had a Tattoo station where kids could get a [fake] tattoo - of course! 

There was also Boo Bowling which was a big hit.  The kids rolled a gourd at the bottles to knock them down.

There was also a bean bag toss game and pin the nose on the pumpkin or pin the wart on the witch.

Another kid (and adult) favorite was our Spooky Walk (or cake walk).  Students loved getting a snack cake as a prize.  For some reason my photo wouldn't load so I don't have a picture of that game. 
The Haunted House was our Gymnasium Stage with the curtains closed and the lights off except for a black light.  Glowing feet lined the floor that took the students across the balance beam and to a large box they had to crawl through to get out.  Needless to say everyone LOVED the Haunted House.  This picture was taken in the dark, but my flash made it look as if the lights were on. 

There was also a scooter game right in the middle of the gym that the kids had to sit and roll down and around cones. However, I didn't seem to get a picture of it.  We also had a designated snack area where the kids came to get a drink and a snack.  This worked out perfect!

And last, but not least, here is a picture of our Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers. 
We all dressed up as Pirates! 

I have to say the Fall Festival (a.k.a. Halloween Party) was truly a success!  Our school has such awesome parents that donated items, helped supervise the games, set up and cleaned up the activities!  It was amazing!  I hope you had just as much fun celebrating Halloween.  I would also love to find out if any other schools out there allow kids to wear costumes or partake of the infamous costume parade.  I came from another district that didn't allow any type of celebration for Halloween so I am thrilled to be working at a school that allows kids to dress up and celebrate.  Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I had two police officers with the exact costume as your little police officer!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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